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Like most scribblers [or writists as one of my personal favourite authors calls them] I read a lot. I borrow books from my local library when it is open  .............. [ my sarcastic thanks to local and national government for all the really stupid short-sighted cuts in library services ] and of course that creates a problem.

The problem quite simply is that we only really get to hear of the successful authors - those with a publishing contract - and there are many many excellent writers out there just begging the chance to have their stuff read.

This page is for them - these are people who can write and who would like you to read their work, and the army of people and businesses behind the production of a novel.


Maureen Murrish - if you have children or perish the thought, grandchildren, and they get fantasy, then have a read of Maureens work at http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=ntt_athr_dp_sr_1?_encoding=UTF8&field-author=Maureen%20Murrish&search-alias=digital-text or read her blog here http://maureen-murrish.blogspot.co.uk/

 Simon Bever - Simon refuses to write anything other than stand-alone works. He espouses the view that he dislikes sequels and has said he won't give us any - his work is available here, and as well as being a very talented writer, he remains a good friend from childhood, a talented musician and daft cyclist.


 Graham Rochester - Graham is a copywriter, proof reader and grammar freak. If you want to market something or check it over, he's your man.


CM Forster - my co-accused in the Portchester Chronicles also runs a genealogy service that really does find your past