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This is a fictional account of the fall of the Soviet Union as seen, and influenced by a Royal Navy Officer - Lieutenant-Commander Chris Anderson. This is the first of a series of novels that take Anderson out of his day job, which should be on board a nuclear submarine, and into events,inspired by secrets, that change the map of the world.

Readers fearing a pastiche of a certain Commander Bond need not worry; Anderson is a man of his time and not so much an instigator of violence, death and destruction, but someone caught in it. The book also features a young Russian assassin, his feared KGB employer, the jewellery of the House of Faberge, the CIA, and the mysterious Russian settlement of 'Nigde,' hidden in the Arctic. 

The book is set in 1984, is mainly based within the former Soviet Union, and aims, by combining historical fact with  fiction, to transport the reader back in time to when the world was a mere button push away from self-destruction... Or was it?

For the anoraks among you, the title is pronounced in the Russian, sounding like "ess ess ess aire"  although I will immediately forgive anybody calling it CCCP because it means you have heard of it!

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comments on CCCP 

"a talent for character description that reminds me of Joseph Finder, one of my favourite new authors. You also excel in keeping the suspense going and balancing the right amount of dialog with background and descriptions"

"It's well-written like a military/spy/Cold War thriller - fiction mixed with history is always entertaining"

"Overall what you have here is a brilliant bit of fiction and you can clearly write and develop plot points. I've read pretty much all of Tom Clancy's work and I honestly think what you have in CCCP is enough to rival him, the daddy of 80s Cold War Thrillers"

"I have finished CCCP. Bloomin' marvellous, what they call a page turner I believe. Bravo ."

 have a look at the promotional video below (it's much better with the sound turned on)

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