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Under Development

A number of other titles in the 'Anderson' series are under development, however, owing to some recent reported  (and alleged it has to be said) plagiarism by publishers of writers works and ideas, I have felt it necessary to remove all content from this page.  

I do this with regret, because firstly a lot of work has gone in to the creation of the series, and secondly the purpose of writing is to be able to share and it would appear that the greed of some acts to the detriment of the majority of us.

What I will say is that there are a further four books in active development and my fertile mind is mulling the plots of others. All are set in different geographical locations around the world.

The three 'active books' are provisionally titled

  • The Orenda Project - The United States wants to control Canada. Conflict looks unavoidable
  • Holiday in Kiev - Two British MEP's go missing
  • Iron Ice - HMS Dalton is discovered, only a century and 21,000 miles from her last reported position
  • Death in The Pleasuredome - An assassin runs loose in Stockholm 

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