dan canwell - the 'thank yous'

Writing can be very rewarding personally - and by that I don't mean financially. There is a gratification in the sheer creation of the story and the satisfaction of seeing a book through from nacent idea to the fully finished article.

None of it is possible however without the help and support of a band of people who are the guinea pigs, the tasters of the dish if you will.

Here is a list of the people that have helped or are helping me - somehow - to achieve my own personal ambition to be a writer.

Caroline Hardy - My friend who for decades has never let my feet leave the ground and has my undying gratitude and love. She also bakes fabulous cakes and tolerates my infantile sense of humour. Sometimes.

Maureen Murrish - an award winning writer of fantasy fiction aimed at the younger end of the market. Another source of great encouragement, advice, coffee and the all important toast.

Chris Andreason - Physically Chris has provided me with a template for his near namesake. He too was in the Navy at the time of the Falklands and beyond. I hope he excuses any liberties taken [he prefers egg chasing to football] and I must take the opportunity to remind everyone that the Anderson books are pure fiction.

Lisa Sinfield - Lisa really ought to be writing herself and if she gets anything out of seeing her name here it really should be the knowledge that she can do it. When I was considering the background to CCCP, it was Lisa who came up with the idea of linking a thriller to the House of Faberge and in an instant the book came alive in my mind. When a plot chasm [no, not just a hole] arose in Zulu Alpha, a quick chat over a coffee sorted it.

Claire Forster - Claire is a self-appointed genealogist, history nut and self-confessed grammar fetishist. She regards anything after the English Civil War as distastefully 'modern.'  Her enthusiasm and encouragement are essential ........ She keeps me right on historical facts, especially within the Portchester Chronicles..

Phyllis,Sharon, Pam and Tracey  - The wonderful core team from my sadly-defunct local village library. Sharon for keeping them all in some kind or order, Phyllis and Pam for the coffee, biscuits and encouragement and Tracey for the sheer entertainment value and being the life force that she is. Every community desperately needs its library funded and resourced from public funds for the greater good, and sadly as of October 2018, we have lost ours.  I am lucky to have had their support and can only mourn that those that come after me will suffer the void that will be left behind.  

Jeremy Todd - I'll use his Sunday name for now for he has been there since the beginning, a quiet force whose belief in the Anderson stories at times has carried me onward. On a Saturday when our team is playing at home, you'll find him, his brother and dad taking in a quiet pint or two before the cold and windy walk towards yet another humiliation. One of life's good guys.

Karl McCoubrey - My military adviser par excellence. What the genial retired Sergeant Major doesn't know about the services and the various weapons in use, just isn't worth knowing. [I know that, he told me!] 

Simon Bever  My late and sadly departed friend and fellow writer. Not so much of a help but more of a cantankerous sod whose constant criticism was, and remains, poignant, pertinent and really annoying - and occasionally helpful. 

Alex and Chris - boys, it's all about you two.

Please don't think this list is exhaustive - there are many others who have helped and assisted over many years so if your name is not up here in lights, don't be upset, read the books - you might be in them.

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